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The CZ 581 O/U shotgun and the CZ 584 O/U rifle-shotgun are highly reliable and safe firearms designed for hunting. The over and under shotgun can be additionally complemented by exchangeable barrels, and thus create a set consisting of shotgun and rifle-shotgun barrels (the mounting of exchangeable barrels is carried out by fitting them to the original firearm).

The action features the Kersten double lump and tangentially arranged upper locking syste m. The Blitz type trigger mechanism is provided with a drop safety. The shot barrel bores are plated with hard chrome. Both model's shot barrels can be outfitted with VH 12 cal. 22 LR insert barrels, suitable for the hunting of vermin and small game and also for practice shooting. The automatic safety enhances security during hunting. The stock is made from selected, high polished walnut wood and is supplied with a cheekpiece, pistol grip and butt plate made of plastic or rubber. The grip surfaces are chequered. A single piece fore-end simplifies handling during disassembly and cleaning procedures.




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