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Popular over-under shotguns

  • Proven technology, elegant design, natural pointing. 
  • Barrels 71 cm made of special steel alloys, hard-chromed bores, hammer forged choke 1/2 - 1/1 or 1/4 - 3/4. 
  • Ventilated barrel rib with silver bead foresight. 
  • Silver-grey receiver with rich English Arabesque or Old English style engraving, gold plated trigger tongue. 
  • Stocks made of select veined walnut, oil rubbed. 
  • Length: 365 mm, drop: 42/66 mm, cast: 3/6 mm. 
  • Caliber: 12/70. 
  • Single trigger and ejector. 

Drilling as universal gun for game reserve hunts

  • Sporting gun with ball and shot for small game, deer and boar, beating, on raised hides or stalking. 
  • Choke of shot barrels: standard version right 1/2 choke, left 1/1 choke. 
  • Separate cocking of ball action is standard. 
  • Exceptional accuracy. 
  • Hand engraved arabesque or game scenes. 
  • Finest walnut stocks, oiled and rubbed. 
  • Wide range of options, e.g. custom stock fitting, special engraving, left-handed versions. 
  • Caliber selection: e.g. .243 Winchester for deer; 6.5 x 74R for red deer without reservations and for boar. 


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