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Big bore rabbit hunting
Posted by Jack - Melbourne, Australia
Lots of practice is what I like. I load my ammo, and make my own projectiles for my .375 H&H Magnum. 300gr is what I use for just about everything, including rabbits which cross my path while practicing. Deer is the main target. It was the first time I was able to take out a mate of mine from the U.S. Office mates for about a year (Lonnie). We headed out to my favourite rabbit farm with his son Taylor. It turned out to be a good hunt, Taylor got his first rabbit with my new rifle, a Winchester 94/22 (.22 L.R.). While practicing Taylor also had a shot of my .375 Winchester, a bit of a kick but he took it. He was seven years old. Lonnie also had a few shots of the both rifles and we got a few bunnies for the dog. While practicing with the scoped .375 H&H I saw a rabbit far FAR away and had a shot at him. The 300gr cast projectile landed about 1m under it. But it remained close by. I steadied and took another shot, off hand, and the rabbit started jumping. When I explained to Lonnie where the rabbit was he just had to see it. When we got to the area we looked down to the car,this was a far shot. I kept looking for the rabbit, I knew it must be dead. I found it near a burrow I picked it up and showed it to Lonnie, we were both speechless. The projectile hit it dead center in the neck, at the base of the skull. We looked back down to the car and just could not beleive it, we were standing about approx 300m away and 10m high. The shot of my life and good mate to share it with.
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