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Browning BPS
Posted by sailbadthesinner
I had a BPS with an English stock and a 22" upland game barrel. After some time I obtained a 28" modified barrel for it for duck use. As pumps go it was as reliable as any I've had including my duckpaddling 870. It gave me several years of good use even once in sporting clays but my son liked it and I gave it to him. He bought an extender for the 22' barrel and uses it more than any of the others he owns or borrows from me. The gun is not overly expensive, has an excellent finish and properly maintained functions well. someone could do worse. As to the barrel seperation one user repoprted that appears to be ammo related. I have had similiar things happen to me with much more expensive guns (well---only once!). Probably becuase it had an English stock, I was always fond of the BPS. Basically it is a slightly modified Remington design from their pre 870 pump guns.
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