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Definitley Remington
Posted by J Stratton
Alan, if I had to put my money on either remington or mossberg, I would put it all on remington. I have 3 friends who hunt with mossbergs(Pumps) and all three have had their guns jam during hunting. Out of all of the those times there's been two constants. My wingmaster which has NEVER jammed especially when loaded with 3" shells while shooting ducks on the wing, and the other constant their mossbergs rattling, jamming, breaking or just not working. Mind you we've hunted alot together, and all three have at one point or another had problems out in the field, tang safety, shell cycling. A few of those times were botched shots on mountable game due to equipment failure. Whatever it may be it's more problems then I'd ever want when spending my hard earned money on a gun that I can't depend on. Alan go with the Remington, you WONT regret it.
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