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Fausti Traditions
Posted by tom
Last fall while at my local WalMart store, I happened to notice a rather attractive over under in the display case. It was a Fausti with a very nice piece of walnut attached to it for about $500. I did a little research on Fausti and discovered that they do produce a line of high end and well rated shotguns. This WalMart version must be low end version But, it has interchangeable choke tubes, a nicely decorated receiver, vent rib, and a REALLY nice piece of wood which is very nicely checkered. Overall, this is a nicely made shotgun. The trigger is a single selective and it has extractors - not ejectors. If your gonna buy one of these, look around at as many as you can. I saw some with rather poor wood to metal fit at the receiver, and wide variations in wood grain/color - but all were very nice.The one I eventually bought was georgeous. I can't beleive I got this thing for $500. Everyone that sees it is impressed. Yes, it shoots fine. I use it all the time on pheseants, quail, doves, and even clays. It fits me nicely and I really like it. If you look closely, you will find minor flaws like excess silver solder (minute amounts) at the rib, and the barrels are not particularly highly polished but so what. This is a field gun and it was a steal. In my opinion, this may be one of the best kept secrets in gun values out there!
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