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Franchi 912
Posted by Duckhunter40 --to Bill
I just purchased 3 franchi 912's, two of the three kept jamming right out of the box. They were cutting or peeling back the shell plastic. My dealer sent them back and I'm waiting to hear from them, I assume they'll send me two new ones. The one that is working is outstanding, it shoots well and cycles very fast. I've hunted with it several times this dove season and am very pleased with it. Also the camo is very good. I was told the two that were jamming may have been machined wrong. I would recommend the gun as I stated the one that works is as smooth as any I've shot (browning, remington, ect.) If they make good on the other two, then I'll be satisfied. You can get them in camo for around $775. With Benilli backing them as the US dealer I think they will be fine, plus the componets and such look the same as the Beretta's and Benilli's. I wouldn't think Benilli would back anything that wasn't sound...Thanks
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