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HK Fabarm - Red Lion
Posted by RichO
Purchased the HK Fabarm 'Red Lion MK II' two weeks ago at a gun show in Florida. The gun is a 24" model. The price at the show was $399 new in a factory sealed box. The 26" was selling for $429. The price was a steal considering that the lowest I'd seen them elsewhere was $629, and quite a few places are selling them for $800. The gun quality was very good, with only a minor burr on the Gas Port fitting on the barrel. The stock finish was excellent with a decorative olive wood buttcap. The gun comes with a very nice (plastic)hard case which accomodates the gun in a broken down configuration. The gun came with 5 choke tubes, but instead of getting an improved cylinder, I got two modified. I haven't called HK to get a new one yet, but I will this week. So far, I've fired 300 rounds through the gun in two weeks. The first 75 shots were Winchester SuperX 2 3/4" 1 oz. #8 shot. I was shooting skeet at a local range. The gun jammed almost every 3rd shot. The expended hull would get caught in the ejection port between the bolt and the port as it was flying out of the gun. The next 225 rounds were shot using Winchester SuperX 2 3/4" 1 oz. #7 1/2 shot. These fired flawlessly - not one jam. I also fired 5 shots with 3" Winchester DoubleX Turkey Loads, #5 shot. These performed flawlessly, with noticeably more recoil! The manual for the gun was marginal at best. It did not have a parts list that you could order from (I wanted to order a 28" barrel), nor did it tell you how to lock the bolt to the rear. The gun dealer gave me instruction on the way this feature works with this shotgun. Cleaning the gun is a breeze. There are few parts to remove for cleaning, and it is very easy to take apart and reassemble. Overall this is a fantastic shotgun. I like the fit, finish, and shooting performance of it better than my Rem 1100, and 11-87. I've also fired many rounds with a good friends Binelli Super Black Eagle. I think the HK/Fabarm is close in finish and performance at a MUCH better price. My only complaint is that the gas/spring system on the Red Lion is not light enough (nor is it adjustable) to accomodate the lightest loads. I would definately recommend this gun - in fact I'm trying to buy another one as a gift!
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