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Posted by Marvin R.
It's not a veiw,but a question. I don't make a lot of money an I would like to have a shotgun for home protection .What I found in my price ranch is called a mavrick. I've been around shotguns all my live but have never heard of it.Could someone tell me who makes it an is it worth 256 dollars.(new) I don't want something that is going to break. postes here have all ready talked me out of the "Daily"which I would rather have a semi auto,So the wife can use it just in case an it has to short an small.I believe in remington but remy is out of my price range my price range...$400 Would any one know of a dependable semi auto in that price range?It will also be used for sporting clay's with my dad an he's a remington man...I am too but don't have 6-8 hunderd dollars to spend on one...sad but true. I thank you for anyu help you can give me. Marvin R.
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