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Traditions by Fausti
Posted by Tony
The Traditons by Fausti o/u shotgun offered by Walmart for $500.00 appears to be well made. I understand that the tolerances may not be suited for some but for the price I do not think you can go wrong. My o/u tolerances are fine. The wood grain is nicely patterned also. I'm not a shotgun expert by any means but I have seen flaws in many more expensive shotguns. The warranty on the shotguns are for five years, except for the wood. I spoke with Traditions to try to find out what the Field Hunter 12 ga. model is compared to. I was told it was comparable to the Field II model with a price range between $650.00-$700.00 The coin finish is engraved with a different pattern than the Field II. The internals are of the same quality. The other difference is that Walmart has the buying power and when you have that kind of money you get what you want. I've had mine since Sept 2002 and love it. I've run about 500-600 shells through it so far. It shoots well and no problems other than the operator missing the target. On the other side of the coin some of us will learn the Italian language so we can read part of the paperwork it comes with.
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