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mossberg v remington
Posted by alan dolan
I'm in the process of trying to purchase an all purpose shotgun and as far as I can tell Remington and Mossberg are the only two which offer the full panorama of options as far as barrel combinations in one gun. In ages past I would have never looked at the Mossberg. I was raised on Remington. There are a couple of things that have me thinking about the Mossberg. It doesn't seem that reliability is the same issue it once was. The US military recently chse the Mossberg as their gun of choice because it was the only 12 guage to pass their 3000 repetive round test without breaking. I also noted that many police forces are beginning to choose mossberg as the shotgun of choice. Both of these arms of the goverment should know something abou this because reliability of the weapon could mean the difference between life or death. Still it seems most sportsman seem to prefer the remington. I'd be interested to hear the reason why because the argument seems to be one of those ford vs chevy arguments. I give the remington this, it is a bit fancier to look at but for me a shotgun has always been a grunt weapon that I use alot. i don't want something to hang on the wall. I want something I won't be afraid to drop on the ground. I haven't bought one or the other gun yet and I'd be interested in mature comments from hunters that have used both weapons. AD
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