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Posted by N.P. Mellen
I have a franchi AL48 in 12 guage. It is one of the best pointing guns I own and is quite light, which at my age is appreciated, but Oh does it ever kick. A year ago it seperated a barrel while I was shooting sporting clays. The barrel ring just seared off! I sent it back by their local rep. and the thing was gone for almost a full year. It reappeared with a new barrel and a fair price tag. I put is away until this season and once again pulled it out for a round of sporting clays. I got one shot! it had been shipped back to their rep. untested anjd their gunsmith had not inspected the weapon. Inspection by a hoist of Marine Col.s and Master Gunners made my Army self feel plenty small! There was no extractor/ejector assembly to be found on the bolt. A new non dealer gunsmith and a humbler attitude have brought it back into the fold. Now my problem is this: I like the new legacy Benelli series (Benelli handles Franci in the US) and the over and unders of Franci but the dealer and service level scares the hell out of me. I for one will not use their Charleston dealer again and I used to give him a reasonable amount of business.
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