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re:mossberg vs remington
Posted by grizzer
both are good guns. I have a mossberg 500 pump comb with 3 bbl's ventrib, smooth slugster, and 18" homedefense bbl that stays on it at my girls house for in case I need it for defense or if the buddies want to go rabbit or squiral hunting on a whime when im with the woman, ive used it for grouse and rabbits and took it along for a spare deer hunting gun just in case someone needed it. I have a remington model 870 pump smooth bore, rifle sights that I will never part with. smooth and quiet,deer hunted with it for many years till last year. if I deer hunt the swamps this goes with me rather than my mossberg 695 bolt action, for fast follow up shots. your choice depends on what your going to hunt. "mossberg pumps are very noisey." this is a fact that they rattle. I now hunt deer with a mossberg 695 bolt action rifeled 12ga,took a 10pt buck at 104 yards with a bushnell throphy 3x9x40 scope hanging out a tree. "my deer gun" in the navy I qualified with and stood watch with a mossberg 500 and they will take a beating from steel decks and bulkheads and keep going,plus they have that nice top safety quick to use and can pump out some 00 buck shot very fast! my remington is alot quieter and that is most important in the woods. also much more smoother action and lock up just as good. now the winchester 1300 pumps are good also, when you shop check out all of them and "get a 12 gauge!" look for: to you,if it dont feel right dont get it. 2.loose parts that make nosie and would echo around the woods. 3. smoothness,quickness and lock up of the action if your interested in semi auto's thats a different story.
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