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Models 612 and 620

A leading edge innovator of firearm technology, Franchi developed and patented the Variopress™ piston to control the greater gas pressures generated when firing 12-gauge, 3-inch magnum loads in the Model 612. The heavy-duty spring on the piston compresses to allow the release of excess gases and absorb magnum-level energy instead of transferring it directly to the hardened chrome steel action bars/bolt assembly. The result is a positive semi-automatic shotgun function, buffered recoil and less stress on the working parts of the firearm. When shooting light loads, the spring still acts as a shock absorber, but the absence of higher pressured gases does not compress it.

Field 620 VS

612 VS

612 VS Synthetic

The Model 620 in 20-gauge operates like the 612, but does not have the "shock absorber" spring because the pressures do not reach the same high levels of the 12-gauge. In both gauges, the tubular action bars provide smooth operation to quickly cycle the variety of loads each can handle.

The patented trigger/carrier assembly blocks the trigger, hammer cam and hammer from movement when the safety is in the "safe" position. The hammer is not under pressure, remains virtually at rest, and cannot be propelled forward to strike the firing pin. Another feature of this safety "on" arrangement allows the shooter to empty or replace a live round in the chamber without releasing a shell from the magazine tube by simply opening the bolt. Depressing the shell latch on the carrier places a shell on the carrier, cycle the action and your reloaded. Replace the emptied shell in the magazine tube to have a fully-loaded firearm.

Other safety features "built-in" to the system are the bolt locking lugs for a solid "steel-to-steel" lockup: four on the 12-gauge and two on the 20-gauge. A spring-loaded extractor provides reliable extraction of all size shells from the chamber. When the chamber is opened, the ejector sends shells out of the receiver and away from the firearm.

Style and comfortable handling are the "value added" features in these moderately priced shotguns. Standard components found on each are the slip-pad recoil pad, cut checkered stock and checkered forend with fiberglass reinforcement, low-profile vent rib barrel and three interchangeable choke tubes. An extra for the shooter is the shim kit that allows adjustment to both stock drop and cast. Traditional wood or synthetic black or Advantage™ camo stocks can be selected to match a variety of barrels. Matte metal finishes reduce glare and are corrosion-resistant for durability and long wear.


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