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AL 48 Semi-Automatic 2.75" Chambered Long-Recoil Shotguns

Introduced over 50 years ago in post-war Europe, Franchi was hailed as an innovator in shotgun technology. The AL 48 models are among the first to use a lightweight alloy receiver. An advancement of significant proportions, this new technology earned the company the "Compasso d'oro" award for excellence. The "Golden Compass" effort "that improved shotgun style and performance" was the first step toward the perfection of this highly respected shotgun line.

AL 48 28 Ga

AL 48 12 Ga

AL 48 20 Ga
Known for reliability, the bolt of the long-recoil action is raised into a locking position in the barrel to form a steel-to-steel chamber lockup. On firing, the bolt and barrel move back simultaneously and mechanically separate after the shot leaves the muzzle. The system is built to manage all 2 3/4-inch loads within gauge and to minimize recoil. An added feature is the overall capacity of five shells in the magazine and one in the chamber. The firing and chamber reloading cycle are tuned to optimize safe and reliable performance that gives the shooter quick response and positive handling for second and third shots.

Designed for performance, an AL 48 semi-automatic shotgun operating system functions using only the bolt, barrel and spring. A completely mechanical system, it provides fast, positive response and years of reliability with little more than cleaning and routine maintenance.

AL 48 series shotguns are lightweight, possibly the lightest of the 12-, 20 - and 28-gauge models available. The 20- and 28-gauge models at under 5 1/2-pounds are ideal for the fast swing needed for grouse and quail. For added comfort and handling, the round-topped "slip pad" rubber recoil pad won't catch under your arm when shouldering the stock. Checkered pistol grip stock and checkering that wraps around the forend offer a sure hand grip. On the performance side, the stepped vent rib for quick eye-to -target pickup can be easily aligned looking over the high-back receiver. The trigger guard "safety" and action release button on the left side of the receiver are within easy reach. A perfect upland bird or target shotgun, it is supplied with three inte rchangeable choke tubes: cylinder, improved cylinder and modified.

Shooters looking for one shotgun or a set of three, only Franchi offers the AL 48 models and a choice of traditionally styled long-recoil shotguns.


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