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Alcione Over/Under Shotguns

Alcione is a classic over/under shotgun with a style that stands it apart from its competitors. The two 12-gauge models are designed to meet the hunter's or target shooter's unique requirements. Whether the Field or Sport model, each incorporate features that make it ideal for handling and performance. One major feature is the barrel selection button on the trigger. The mechanically operated trigger can fire either barrel independent of the other; recoil is not necessary to reset the hammer to fire the second barrel.

Alcione Field

Alcione Sport
All Alcione shotguns offer the versatility of interchangeable barrels and convenience of an easy-to-open action. One feature of Alcione models is the steel frame that precisely aligns and securely locks in place the selected barrel set without adjustments or modifications. One exclusive feature is an automatic spring-loaded mechanism in the forend that ensures both 12- and 20-gauge barrel sets fit correctly. No custom barrel matching is needed to a specific Alcione receiver. Precision tolerances make the action easy to open.

For shooter convenience, Alcione models are fitted with the exclusive Franchi "no-catch" slip-pad recoil pad. The rounded top design of the pad diminishes any catching or snagging of the butt when the firearm is brought to shoulder. When carrying or pointing a target, the cut checkered pistol grip of the buttstock and fluted forend make handling secure and comfortable.

Alcione Field is a versatile, 3-inch chamber over/under shotgun for small game and upland bird hunting. Chrome-lined barrel sets have a vent rib with white front and silver mid-point bead and are threaded for interchangeable choke tubes. Closing the action automatically sets the automatic safety to "safe" position, a user-friendly feature of the Field model. The sides of the frame are engraved with game scenes.

Alcione Sport is the 2 3/4-inch chamber shotgun with elongated forcing cones for sporting clays and targets. The chrome lined barrel is vented for cooling and ported at the muzzle to limit rise when firing. Interchangeable choke tubes offer extra versatility for matching loads and patterns to targets. The 30-inch, 10mm. wide vent rib barrel set has a mid-point bead and red, light-intensifying front site. The stock is fitted with the slip-pad recoil pad and features full pistol grip cut checkering and wrap-around checkering on the forend. Exclusive to Alcione Sport are the manual safety and removable side plates that can be personalized.

Hunting or target shooting, Alcione offers versatility and performance you will enjoy for many seasons to come.


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