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Franchi has been manufacturing firearms in the historic city of Brescia, the heart of industrial Italy, for more than 50 years. The skill and craftsmanship in today's products date back to a time when firearm guilds isolated themselves behind the walls of Valtrompia. Here, they protected the secrets for converting ore into metal and forging iron into firearm barrels and actions. The hundreds of years of craftsmanship and unique skills with metal have endured and are evident in today's marketplace. 

A leader in modern manufacturing techniques, Franchi has perfected and continues to practice their art of building quality semi-automatic shotguns of their patented early designs and operating systems. New products to meet new needs evolved from sophisticated and emerging technologies used to build the unique multi-barreled sets of over/under shotguns and an amazingly simple gas-operated semi-automatic. Today's Franchi products incorporate innovative features protected by new patents and improvements on original designs without the sacrifice of style or performance. 

Franchi has assumed an aggressive role in perfecting the product line through the use of new materials, technology and processes. The results are modern, reliable firearms that meet today's standards without compromising the original ideas and concepts that made the products unique when first introduced. Firearms from Franchi are built with a foundation on the old traditions for quality and perfection of the craft. 

Franchi...ideas and products for generations.

AL 48 Semi-Automatic
2.75" Chambered Long-Recoil Shotguns

Models 612 and 620
Gas-Operated Semi Automatic 3" Chambered Shotguns

Alcione Over/Under Shotguns


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