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For many years, the manufacture and availability of high quality competition shotguns has been limited to several overseas gun makers. The discerning clay target shooter had few choices when looking to purchase a shotgun that would withstand the rigors of clay target shooting.

This is no longer the case!

Kolar Arms of Racine, Wisconsin introduces its quality line of American made skeet, sporting and trap shotguns after four years of extensive research and testing. Kolar is the world leader in the manufacture of its famous AAA sub-gauge tube sets and competitions shotgun services.

From the initial concept of producing the gun, through its complete CAD design, prototype stage, and years of testing, the objective was singular. Produce the highest quality, ultimately reliable target shotgun that money can buy. The objective is assured by utilizing state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing and CMM quality assurance techniques.

The heart of the Kolar shotgun is its receiver, which is machined form a solid bar of 4140 chrome-moly steel. Its low profile design features Boss style locking lugs, which engage a patented insert in the barrels monobloc. This unique variation of one of the worlds most reliable locking systems, coupled with Kolar's massive locking bolt, cancels torsional stress and relieves wear and tear on the hinge pins. This patented insert system also allows for easy fitting of extra barrels and keeping the action tight through hundreds of thousands of rounds.

If the receiver is the heart of the Kolar gun, then its nerve center lies in the patented fire control. The trigger incorporates all the features found in the world's finest competition shotguns. It is detachable, mechanical, selectable, and adjustable for length. The hammers are rebounding and coil spring driven for reliability. Sears are heat treated and titanium nitrited, assuring consistent feel and let-off for the life of the gun.

Barrels for the Kolar competition shotgun are available in 28", 30", and 32" lengths for the over/under, and 34" for the un-single trap model. They are long coned, factory overbored and feature fixed or screw-in chokes to produce minimum recoil and optimum pattern performance. All barrels feature flat or step tramline ribs that are designed to assist in rapid target acquisition.


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