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Kolar AAA Competition Trap Custom Gold Grade

The Kolar AAA Competition Trap gun is designed to meet the marathon demands of American and International Trap. Utilizing input from many of the games top shooters, Kolar has produced a soft recoiling, well balanced, quick pointing gun that assures a lifetime of reliable shooting performance.
It is available as an over/under, an unsingle or as a combination set. The barrels are configured with step tramline ribs. The over barrel of the over/under shoots to a 60/40 point-of-impact while the under barrel is adjustable from neutral to approximately 90% high via a unique hanger system utilizing five mid and six different front barrel hangers. The un-single is adjustable from neutral to a full 100% high point-of-impact via a simple thumb screw adjustment. Custom Gold Grade Receiver

All barrels feature long forcing cones and oversized bore dimensions for optimum pattern performance and minimal recoil. Barrels are competition matte blued and are available in 30" or 32" over/under and 34" un-single configurations with fixed or screw-in chokes.
The interchangeable trigger group is mechanical, selectable, coil spring driven and features seven different positions for length adjustment. The factory release trigger is designed with ultimate flexibility and reliability in mind. When ordering the release option, four hammers are supplied. The trigger can be reconfigured as a single or double release, or a pull trigger in a matter of seconds by the shooter, using only an allen wrench supplied with the gun. Detachable Trigger Assembly

In order to meet the needs of most shooters, Kolar Trap guns are supplied with 6-way adjustable combs. All guns come in fitted aluminum airline cases. 


Kolar AAA Competition Trap Specifications

Gauge 12 gauge, 2 3/4" chambers w/long forcing cones
Barrel Length 34" UnSingle/32" O/U
34" UnSingle/30" O/U
Chokes Fixed Chokes and Screw-in Chokes optional
Ribs Step parallel
Taper Rib optional
Action Heat treated chrome-moly steel
Trigger Single selective, Detachable, Mechanical
Trigger length adjustable, Release triggers available
Stock & Forend American or French Walnut
Matte finish, Standard forend
Standard Stock  Comb: Adjustable 1 1/2"
Dimensions Heel: 1 1/2"
MC: 2 1/2"
L.O.P. 14 1/2" w/ 1" Dec.
Optional Stock *Custom dimensions available
*Wood upgrades available
Optional Forend Undersize 1.800"
Oversize 2.125"
Schnabel 1.800"
Case Aluminum airline case
Grades Standard, Elite Gold, Legend, Gold Grade, Custom
*Kolar reserves the right to make product changes without prior notice.


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