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The game of sporting clays is one of the most popular forms of clay target shooting. Sporting clays demands a specific type of shotgun that combines the quickness and pointability of a field gun with the rugged durability and smoothness of a competition shotgun.

The Kolar S/C features a neutral weight distribution and balance, unlike many existing clays guns. Its specially designed stock optimizes gun position and mount whether you choose to pre-mount or shoot the low gun FITASC discipline.

Standard sporting clays

It is available with 28", 30" or 32" barrels that are factory overbored, and long coned for minimum felt recoil and maximum pattern efficiency. Screw-in chokes are extended, knurled, and available in ten constrictions to assure optimum performance. The S/C's barrels feature a flat tramline rib for rapid target acquisition, and superb pointability, and are regulated to shoot a 50/50 point-of-impact. All barrels are competition matte blued to prevent glare and target distortion.

Kolar sporting guns are available as 2 barrel carrier tube sets to optimize competition in NSCA sub-gauge events. All guns are supplied in aluminum airline approved cases. 


Kolar AAA Competition Sporting Specifications

Gauge 12 gauge, 2 3/4" chambers w/long forcing cones
Barrel Length 28", 30" or 32"
Carrier Barrel w/tubes optional
Chokes Screw-in Chokes - extended
Ribs Flat parallel,
Step parallel
Taper Rib optional
Action Heat treated chrome-moly steel
Trigger Single selective, Detachable, Mechanical
Trigger length adjustable, Release triggers available
Stock & Forend French Walnut
Matte finish, Standard Schnabel forend
Standard Stock  Comb: 1 3/8" nominal
Dimensions Heel: 1 7/8"
MC: 2 1/2"
L.O.P. 14 5/8" w/ .8" Dec.
Optional Stock *Custom dimensions available
*Wood upgrades available
Optional Forend Undersize 1.800"
Oversize 2.125"
Standard 2"
Case Aluminum airline case
Grades Standard, Elite Gold, Legend, Gold Grade, Custom
*Kolar reserves the right to make product changes without prior notice.


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