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M1 Field Shotguns

The Benelli M1 Field are the all-around choice for a utility shotgun with all the basics to deliver enduring performance. Inside the high-strength, lightweight alloy receiver is the Benelli inertia recoil operating system, the workhorse that handles all 12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch shells from 1 1/8-ounces to heavy 3-inch magnums. This high-speed operating system is the choice of sportsmen and enforcement agency personnel because they know it works. This Benelli system doesn't foul with powder residue, clogged gas ports or require any complicated collection of operating parts that constantly need cleaning.

When a hunting shotgun is needed, put your confidence in an M1 Benelli. Whether it's meat for the table or a trophy for the wall, losing the shot because of marginal equipment just isn't an option. Go for performance ...go for a Benelli.

Features all M1 Field shotguns share:

  • Benelli inertia recoil system - performance made simple.
  • Handles all 2 3/4 - and 3 - inch shells within gauge with over 1 1/8 - ounces of shot
  • Lightweight, high-strength one-piece alloy receiver for better overall shotgun balance.
  • Interchangeable stepped vent rib or rifled SLUG barrel with adjustable sights available.
  • Free shell carrier to allow quick loading - no buttons or levers to push.
  • Chambered round can be removed without emptying the magazine - a great safety feature.
  • Heavy-duty recoil pad.
  • Set of 5 choke tubes for use with lead or steel shot.
  • Cartridge drop lever to indicate a "hammer-cocked" condition.
  • Quality and performance for years to come.


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