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The exceptional performance and reliability of all Benelli semi-automatic shotguns centers around its inertia recoil operating system. Known as the Montefeltro rotating bolt system, it is so simple that it requires only 7 parts to function. It's a system so reliable and fast, that multiple individual shots can be fired in rapid succession. In fact, a Benelli was used to establish the world record for breaking 9 hand-thrown clay targets in just 2.3 seconds.

Operation centers around the locking bolt head, bolt body and spring between them. When a round is fired, the bolt spring is compressed and inertia overcomes the weight of the bolt body and recoil begins. Forward inertia pushes the bolt body forward then backward gradually compressing the bolt spring moving the locking bolt forward to rotate and unlock. Once the locking bolt lugs are clear of the chamber, the expended shell is extracted and the bolt body, spring and locking bolt move fully backward. This motion ejects the spent shell, re-cocks the mechanism and while open, allows a shell from the magazine to be placed over the shell carrier. The c arrier lifts the loaded shell into line for the returning bolt assembly to insert and lock a loaded shell in the chamber. The cycle described takes only fractions of a second to happen. That's fast!

The reliability of the Benelli inertia recoil system cannot be compared to that of gas operated shotguns. First, the Benelli system does not have complicated linkages, weights and rings. Second, without those kinds of parts and gas to operate them, the Benelli system does not manufacture or allow residues to build up and collect on moving parts. The clean operation of the inertia recoil system is built for performance ... not for cleaning.

Benelli is a global supplier of firearms to sport shooters, military organizations and police agencies. Drawing from this wealth of interests, the company has the opportunity to develop products for one market and selectively make them available to its other markets. One example is the well-known MP90S and World Cup Target Pistols. These pistols have been imported in limited quantities, but in 1998 Benelli USA will bring this product to the U.S. market as a part of its standard product line.


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