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Matte metal finish with satin-finished Walnut stock and extended forend. Available with 28 - or 26 - inch barrel and 2 interchangeable carbon fiber ventilated ribs. (Click on image for a larger view)

Sporting Clays, skeet and hunting require shotgun performance that eliminates any lost bird because of equipment. When that time comes, every competitor feels the need for equipment to meet his or her specific skill. The Benelli Sport has been designed and packaged for shooters on their way to and at that level. Buttpad to muzzle, a Sport owner can make this shotgun the way it is wanted without going to the custom gun shop. Sport even has the extended Montefeltro-style checkered forend that is ideal for balance and a comfortable grasp.

Benelli Sport is the first and only shotgun sold with two interchangeable carbon fiber ribs. Both are manufactured to exacting standards from high-strength, heat resistant carbon fiber. Ribs are extremely durable and when the barrel heats up over extended periods of shooting, the installed carbon fiber rib is not affected by heat. The sighting plane is constant allowing the shooter to hold on the desired point of impact from one shot to the next. Stepped and high or lower and wide, the shooter can pick the sighting plane for the game and season. Changing ribs is a snap one screw loosend and the rib slides off the posts quickly and easily.

A new feature to give the Sporting Clays competitor added versatility and convenience are the extra-long, externally visible choke tubes. When moving between stations with an unloaded firearm, the shooter can easily identify which tube is installed and if necessary, easily finger-twist one tube out and put another into the muzzle. Each tube is clearly marked and knurled for easy grasp. The installed tube is virtually invisible to the shooter when pointing on a target.

The Benelli Sport is not only the fastest action on the field, but quite possibly the most versatile semi-automatic shotgun to own. Tuned to meet the competitor's need, you can shoot everything from light target loads to heavier field hunting loads whenever you want, one right after another, without hesitation or interruption.

Features all Sport shotguns share:

  • Benelli inertia recoil operating system - performance made simple.
  • Interchangeable, high-strength carbon fiber ventilated ribs with mid-point and front beads.
  • Handles all 2 3/4 - and 3 - inch loads within gauge.
  • Lightweight, high-strength one-piece alloy receiver for better overall shotgun balance.
  • Free shell carrier to allow quick loading - no buttons or levers to push.
  • Chambered round can be removed without emptying the magazine - a great safety feature.
  • Cartridge drop lever to indicate a "hammer-cocked" condition.
  • Accessory shim kit to adjust stock drop.
  • Set of 5 extended choke tubes for use with lead or steel shot.
  • Quality and performance for years to come.



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