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Executive Shotguns

Executive - 12 gauge
Nickel-finished lower steel receiver with selective engraving, blued upper receiver attached to vent rib barrel. Select-grade Walnut stock with buttpad and extended forend. Available with 28 - or 26 - inch vent rib barrel. Executive Series firearms are "built to order". (Click on image for a larger view)

Executive Models The most exclusive in appearance shotguns in the Benelli line, ownership of an Executive Series shotgun is the addition of art, form and function to any collectors' showcase. Manufactured and tested to be a hard-working shotgun, it is transformed under the hands of artisan Bottega Incisoni di Cesare Giovanelli, one of Italy's most accomplished engravers. The all-steel receiver is completed to one of three levels of embellishment, the most ornate being the Type III with detailed gold inlay. Select Walnut is carefully hand-picked and finished to perfection. No two shotguns can be exactly alike; they are finished by craftsman, one at a time. These are truly luxury shotguns distinguished by their beauty and their value.

Executive Type I Executive Type II Executive Type III

Features all Legacy and Executive shotguns share:

  • Benelli inertia recoil operating system - performance made simple.
  • Handles all 2 3/4 - and 3 - inch shells within gauge with over 1 1/8 - ounces of shot.
  • Free shell carrier to allow quick loading - no buttons or levers to push.
  • Chambered round can be removed without emptying the magazine - a great safety feature.
  • Cartridge drop lever to indicate a "hammer-cocked" condition.
  • Accessory shim kit to adjust stock drop.
  • Set of 5 choke tubes for use with lead or steel shot.
  • Quality and performance for years to come.


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