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Montefeltro 12 & 20 gauge Shotguns

Named in honor of the renowned Duke of Montefeltro and the patented Benelli Montefeltro rotating bolt design, this model's sleek, clean lines combine traditional styling with a sound yet amazingly simple operating system. The result is a user-friendly, performance-proven shotgun that has a solid reputation in the field and on the line.

Target loads from 1 1/8 -ounces to standard 3-inch magnums, the Montefeltro is quick to handle them all. The simple inertia bolt operating system is housed in a single piece alloy receiver that is highly durable, yet very light. To allow the shooter optimum shotgun balance and a comfortable hand hold, the extended forend is slender and easy to grasp. This slender forend design is possible because it encloses only the magazine tube and not the operating system. The Montefeltro is a lightweight and easy to handle shotgun that performs under all conditions for all types of shooting.

Fast, light in weight and easy to handle, the Montefeltro is available in both right - and left - hand 12-gauge models. There is also a sleek, lightweight 20-gauge right-hand model. The 12-gauge models weigh in right around the 7 pound mark and the 20-gauge weighs a modest 5 3/4 - pounds. Carrying either model fully-loaded won't wear you out before the day is over.

Features all Montefeltro shotguns share:

  • Benelli inertia recoil operating system — performance made simple.
  • Handles all 2 3/4 - inch and 3 - inch shells in 12-gauge with over 1 1/8 - ounces of shot. The 20-gauge models work comfortably with 7/8 - ounces or more shot.
  • Lightweight, high-strength one-piece alloy receiver for better overall shot gun balance.
  • Free shell carrier to allow quick loading - no buttons or levers to push.
  • Chambered round can be removed without emptying the magazine - a great safety feature.
  • Shotgun will fire and cycle if a shell accidentally falls onto the carrier.
  • Cartridge drop lever to indicate a “hammer-cocked” condition.
  • Accessory shim kit to adjust stock drop.
  • Set of 5 choke tubes for use with lead or steel shot.
  • Quality and performance for years to come.


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